i’m literally just sighing very deeply and holding my head in my hands

me too girl me too

lardbyron replied to your post:*l o n g s i g h*
omg that’s so gross

may I add that the DJ was indeed a black man

*l o n g s i g h*

The DJ at this dance party that I went to screamed through the mike, “Where my light skinned girls at?! Where my brown girls at?!” and as I waited for him to mention darkskin girls he shouts “WHERE MY BEAUTIFUL WHITE GIRLS AT?!”  plays Fancy by Iggy, white girls came r u n n i n g  in, and most people didn’t bat an eye…


Late night improv to SZA… #SZA #shatteredring #improve #tryingtoholdbackthetears

das me!


The concept of “Proper English” is prescriptivist, racist, ethnocentric, classist and ableist as shit



Kid Cudi And His Daughter, Vada.